Monday, September 1, 2014

Body Melt (1993)

Today's gem is the 1993, over-the-top, Ozploitation, splatter flick, Body Melt.

And you know the drill...SPOILERS AHEAD!

The movie opens with a commercial for a "health farm" called Vimuville where its clients are given the tools and perfect environment with which to improve their health and well-being. But it turns out, the Vimuville crowd likes to party...

And there are some shady dealings happening over at Vimuville involving some unwitting test subjects in the cul-de-sac community of Pebbles Court. One of their science guys stumbles across this unethical testing and is less than pleased so he goes rogue. Only too bad he doesn't have sneaky ninja skills because the Vimuville folks are on to him and attempt to stop him by giving him an overdose of one of their specialty drugs.

As a result, he begins to show some pretty bizarre symptoms.

Always a good idea to keep your gaping neck wounds clean.

We also get a little tidbit of what Science Guy has uncovered.

"The first phase is hallucinogenic...the second phase is glandular...the third phase is...ARG!"

Here. It's more fun when he says it...

See. I told you so.

And then he crashes his car into Pebbles Court and this happens...

Oh, my. That's no good. Are his mutated organs crawling out his neck slit to tickle his face?

Well, obviously, Science Guy's not walkin' away from that weird, spaghetti-mess-looking-bullshit which means he failed his mission to alert the Pebbles Court residents of the imminent danger. The film then proceeds to follow the residents/guinea pigs as they experience the effects of the evil Vimuville's illicit experiments. Lots of batshit insane things happen (which I just assume is normal for Australia) and since the first stage is hallucinogenic, we're left with unreliable narrative. We're taken on a ride back and forth between horrifying reality and wild delusions. 

Two of the young dudes from Pebbles Court are on their way to "donate sperm" at the Vimuville health farm. Not only do they get lost but their windshield is all of a sudden broken.

And they end up asking for directions at some weird ass place with these messed up motherfuckers...

And so does he. And so does she. Purty mouths all around!

Even their bird is weird.

These fine folks like to kill kangaroos so they can get high on their adrenal glands. They also enjoy decorating with stuffed animals, giving "love bites", and watching porn with their three-legged dog. Needless to say, things don't go well for the young men of Pebbles Court.

And then there's the pregnant woman from Pebbles Court whose placenta detaches and starts slithering about the house in attack mode.

Did a dingo steal her baby? With this movie, it's hard to say.

We also have the lucky Pebbles Court resident who picks up this chic...

 Who proceeds to give him a rib job. No. Not a rim job. A RIB job.

And then there's a whole family of Pebbles Court puds who go on a vacation to the Vimuville Health Farm. Here's the parents...

They know how to rock the spandex and culottes.

And, of course, things don't go well for the Pud Family at the Health Farm.

Oh, and did I mention these guys work at Vimuville?

That's right. It's my blog. I'll make outdated references that none of the youngins will get if I want to!

And one of them has a serious wiener problem...

So, as I'm sure you've figured out by now, the point of this movie isn't plot and coherency. It's fun visuals, gross and creative deaths, and overall strangeness.

I'm going to leave you with these parting words from Crazy Outback Guy that pretty much sum up this movie...

Thanks for joining me!

~Lady Terminator AKA Erika Instead

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