Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Blood Feast (1963)

Eyeball Treat: Herschell Gordon Lewis's Blood Feast (1963)! 

First Time View?: Nope! I adore this movie and it's definitely worth a repeat viewing. In fact, I love this movie so much, it's one of the films I chose to write about in Horror 101: The A-List of Horror Films & Monster Movies!

The Meat of It: Fuad Ramses will cater your special occasion with a meal made of girl-parts.

Here are five things I love about Blood Feast...

1.The fabulous eyebrows of Fuad Ramses:

2. Ishtar's sense of personal style:

Girl knows how to bedazzle!

3. Fuad's snakey friend that accompanies him to the beach for some murdery fun:

4. The scene where this chic gets her tongue ripped out:

5. Pretty much any face Suzette (Connie Mason) makes but especially her cry face:

And because I like you, here are some bonus pictures of Playboy Playmate Connie Mason "reading":

My Rating:

Until next time!

Bloody Ishtar Kisses,
Lady Terminator AKA Erika Instead


  1. Good choice to start things off, Erika! I've never been able to participate in the challenges (just not enough time) but I always love seeing the results and choices people go with for this!

    Blood Feast was probably the film that got me into the wacky exploitation stuff that I love so much now. I saw it first when I was about 19, and it lead on to great things like Blood Sucking Freaks and I Drink Your Blood. A lot of great memories are tied up with those viewings, usually had with 6 or 7 friends in a crowded room and a lot of beer. Fun times!

    1. That's awesome, JP! I didn't even know about HG Lewis until I was in my mid-20's. Blood Feast was my first. It was love at first sight!