Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Brain Damage (1988)

Eyeball Treat: Brain Damage (1988)

First Time View? Nope! This was another one I watched with those awesome folks over at Halloween Horror Club!

The Meat of It: Aylmer will get you high but you're going to have to pay him in brains. You won't care though because you'll be too busy enjoying yourself.


Warning: Beware of Spoily Spoilers.


Here are five things I love about Brain Damage:

1. Aylmer. Of course #1 is Aylmer. He's the best thing ever! Just look at that little face!

Here's some more Aylmer because he's awesome.


2. Bathtime:

Screw rubber ducky. Aylmer knows how to make bathtime lots of fun.

3. The Blowjob Scene:

 Feels like ya got a real monster in there.


4. Beverly Bonner

That's Beverly on the left.
I adore her! She only has a small cameo in this one but I love that she's a Henenlotter regular. She has a lot of personality and is always fun even if her screen time is brief.

5. Kevin Van Hentenryck  and the reference to Basket Case:

What's in the basket?
I love Basket Case so I thoroughly enjoyed this little wink from the director!


Bonus Time!

Here's Aylmer's Tune:

And here's me sporting some fangirl stuff I scored at horror conventions:

Aylmer prop from  DWN Productions
Brain Damage skirt from Pretty Spooky Handmade (made from an upcycled Fright Rags t-shirt)

Chillin' with my lil' blue buddy.

Until next time...

Puttin' the Kick in a Chicken,
Lady Terminator AKA Erika Instead

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