Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sick and Tiled: I LIKE THAT SHIT

I'm going to tell you about some shit I like. 

Today's lucky shit is...Sick and Tiled!

What is this shit?

Bazooka Jenn is a cool chic and horror fan with a talent for designing kickass film inspired decor! She offers magnets, coasters, and plaques with quotes and art from movies like The Shining, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and American Psycho. Just take a look...

Raise a little hell with these sweet Hellraiser magnets!

Having trouble getting into the holiday spirit? These festive coasters should help!

This would make an awesome plaque for a workspace!

Why should I care about this shit?

There are a couple of reasons you should care. First off, this shit is sturdy, high quality, and handmade. The artwork is sealed to protect it. The plaques come with attached sawtooth hooks. The coasters are cork lined. A lot of time and care goes into each order and the products reflect that. 

Second, this shit is sweet. It's the perfect addition to a horror fan's home. And if you're not much for knick-knacks and decor, the coasters are functional and look awesome!

Third, GIFTS. Seriously, this shit makes awesome gifts. I know that I personally would be thrilled to receive any number of items from Sick and Tiled's shop! I've already purchased gifts for myself and gifted my free sample to a friend. Let me tell you though, it was not easy to part with that sample and I only did it on the condition that I would purchase a replacement for myself!

Lady Terminator, are you just blowing smoke up our asses?

Nope. I genuinely love this shit. I did receive a free sample in exchange for an honest review but prior to that I was already a paying customer! I love decorating my home with things that remind me of the films I adore and Sick and Tiled has some great shit for doing just that!

Here are a few of my own photos:

Look at how much detail goes into even the packaging!

The plaque I gifted my lotion obsessed friend!

The American Werewolf in London coasters I purchased for myself!

Me & my killer coaster!

So how do I get my mitts on some of this fantastic shit?

You've got two choices! 

1. Check out the Sick and Tiled Etsy Shop (here)! If you're going to make a purchase in the next couple of days be sure to take advantage of these savings...

On Thanksgiving (11/27) use code THANKSKILLING2014 to get 20% off your order.

On Black Friday (11/28) receive 15% off everything in the shop.

On Saturday and Sunday (11/29 & 11/30) receive 10% off everything in the shop.

On Cyber Monday (12/1) receive 25% off your order.


2. Check out the Sick and Tiled Redditgifts Shop (here)
And these savings... 

On Black Friday (11/28) get FREE SHIPPING on all sets of 4 coasters (domestic only) or 10% off everything else. 

On Saturday and Sunday (11/29 & 11/30) receive 15% off everything in the shop.

On Cyber Monday (12/1) get 
~40% off coaster sets of 4 or more
~20% off coaster sets of 2 or more
~20% off quote plaques

You can also keep up with new designs, contests and special offers on Facebook and on Twitter!

Sick and Tiled. I like this shit. 

Strangles & Chainsaw Kisses,
~Lady Terminator AKA Erika Instead