What the Hell is Going on Here?

Have you ever watched a movie so incredibly strange, unbelievably inept and brimming with wtf-ery yet still found that it managed to charm your pants right off as though it were some kind of cinematic Don Juan? Did you find yourself thinking, "I don't know who these people are or what could have possibly been going through their minds when they made this film, but the very fact that their project is now making sweet, sweet love to my eyeballs is amazing. I wish I could cuddle their crazy little faces off"?

Are ya feelin' me? At all?

Well, the reason I even bring this up is because the 1989 Indonesian exploitation flick, Lady Terminator, is one of those movies. I'm not going to go into the details of that film in this particular post (there will be time for that later) but I want to proudly announce that it is not only the namesake of this blog but my life's inspiration. I watch a film like Lady Terminator and I know that anything is possible. I know that the world is full of incredible (though not always the most talented), passionate people. It brings a smile to my face and gives me a faith in my fellow human beings that few things do.

Any time I feel like I am not capable, I give myself a morale boost. I think of Lady Terminator. I think of Snake and his glorious mullet, uttering these inspirational words...

And suddenly my confidence is restored.

I simply adore this film and everything it's grown to symbolize for me. That is why I've used its name to mark my special little place on the world wide web. This place where I can share my passions. Where I can talk about those delicious little oddities like Lady Terminator that lurk in the corners of the horror and exploitation genres. 

So welcome to the Lady Terminator: Exploitation, Grindhouse and Gore blogspot! 

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On set! L-R Erika Frase, Brittani Hare, Marcus Ganci-Rotella, Cheryl Szymczak, Erika Instead!

Here's to what I hope is the beginning of a fantastic adventure! 

~Lady Terminator AKA Erika Instead

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  1. Love it Lady Terminator,hope you are very successful .