Thursday, September 4, 2014

Knoxville Horror Film Festival: I LIKE THAT SHIT

Today I'm going to try something new here and instead of a movie review I'm going to tell you about some shit I like. 

Today's lucky shit is...the Knoxville Horror Film Festival (KHFF).

What is this shit?

It's a horror film festival. Did you not figure that out from the name? Oh, you did? Well, smartypants, did you know that it's more than just a festival that falls on one weekend every October? The folks at KHFF put on events all year round. Typically once a month. KHFF is a horror community and not just an annual gathering. 

When is this shit?

This year's previously mentioned main event is the 6th annual celebration and it falls on the weekend of Oct. 24-26 (2014). The smaller events happen throughout the year and are announced on the KHFF website and facebook page. So keep an eye out for that shit. 

Where is this shit?

Knoxville, TN

Specifically, this year's annual film fest is held at Regal Downtown West and Market Square’s Scruffy City Hall.

Why should I care about this shit?

Because this shit is straight up FUN. Knoxville Horror Film Festival's events are always packed with enthusiastic horror fans geeking out together, fantastic films, and fun thematic extras. These folks love horror and it definitely shows. 

The lineup for this year's 6th Annual Film Fest is pretty sweet and includes some feature films that I'm personally pretty stoked about:

Suburban Gothic
V/H/S Viral
The ABCs of Death 2
The Editor
Bloody Knuckles

Another big draw for this festival is the Grindhouse Grind-Out Filmmaking Contest. The Grind-Out consists of two dozen teams competing to create the best, over-the-top, faux movie trailer in an assigned genre style. Previous genre styles have included puppetsploitation, blaxploitation, and sharksploitation. And though he will not be in attendance, this year's competition will have a special guest judge...Troma's Lloyd Kaufman!

Check out the winning trailers from the last couple of years and tell me you don't think this is the shit.

2013 Winner: Curse of the Were-Clown

2012 Winner: Cannibal Santa

In addition to all the fun shit I've already mentioned, there will also be themed short films, an award ceremony and a costume party.


Lady Terminator, are you just blowing smoke up our asses?

Nope. I genuinely love this shit. I've attended KHFF events and have always had a blast. I'm usually having too much fun and/or too busy watching movies to document the occasion with photos but here's a bit of proof I scrounged up. 

Window display photo op at the screening of Maniac (2012).

Knoxville Horror Film Fest IV screening of John Dies at the End

Photo op with Slasher Santa at the 2012 Xmas Party/screening of Silent Night.

I lost half my face at the Zombie Movie Marathon (a KHFF/Ijams Nature Center collaboration).

So how do I get in on this shit?

I can't recommend their events highly enough! If you're thinking of attending this year's 3 day film festival, consider purchasing your tickets at a discounted price in advance through their IndieGoGo campaign which runs until Sept. 30. You can also pick up some kickass KHFF merch and show your support for this killer event! 

Knoxville Horror Film Festival. I like this shit. 

Strangles & Chainsaw Kisses,
~Lady Terminator AKA Erika Instead

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