Friday, October 3, 2014

The Church (1989)

Eyeball Treat: Michele Soavi's The Church AKA La chiesa (1989). This dude studied under Dario Argento so you better believe he knows his shit.

First Time View? Nope!

The Meat of It: If you build a church on a mass grave full of pissed off dead people with a reputation for demonic behavior, shit's bound to get messy sooner or later.

Here are five things I love about The Church:

1. The way this Teutonic Knight rocks the side-braid:

2. The glistening vaginal-looking eye slit on this stone sculpture:

3. Bitey fish-demon:

4. This unique method of bell ringing:

5. Goat-demon sexy times:

The Church is a fun flick and it's masterfully shot. It has an absolutely gorgeous set and the kills are creative. And to be honest, the scenes with the possessed Evan (played by Tomas Arana) skeeving on a very young Lotte (played by 14 year old Asia Argento) are genuinely unsettling.

So definitely check out The Church!

Until next time!

Demonic Kisses,
Lady Terminator AKA Erika Instead

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